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Brazil - Reginaldo from Rio de Janeiro 2009
The following account is by Gwen Edland.  To read more about Gwen Edland and her ministry with Fresh Start for All Nations, click here.

On a visitation to a Brazilian Pavuna district neighborhood, my translator and I found 53 year old Reginaldo lying in bed waiting to die from Stage 4 lung Cancer. He was pitifully thin, hairless and emaciated, with a surgical port for chemotherapy in his chest. The room smelled of death, and I knew that this was going to be a divine appointment.

Through the Portuguese-speaking translator, I asked him to sit up to talk about Jesus, and in the corner of his room I spotted a shrine with an idol of St. Mary. As we began to converse re Step up to Life, I heard the word "unforgiveness" from the Holy Spirit, and I asked R. whom he did not forgive. For 30 years R. had held a grudge against a lady named Maria, and when asked why, R. could not even remember why he hated her. I showed him how to consider the offense like a debt, to surrender Maria to Jesus Christ and to cancel that debt, otherwise Jesus could not forgive R. anything (Matthew 18:21-35). R. hesitated but then afterwards repented of his unforgiveness, and said that Maria was forgiven by himself, "She owes me nothing!".

Suddenly the Holy Spirit gloriously swept through his body and Reginaldo was set free from his sin AND the cancer! What a miracle! R. yelled out "Jesus healed me!". After this I handed him a Bible, and he clutched it to his chest like fresh manna from the Lord. "Biblia, Biblia!" he cried with great joy!.

His sister-in-law and niece ran into R.'s room, and upon seeing R. praising God for his healing, surrendered their lives to Jesus as well.

The next day we returned to check on Reginaldo, and he was praising God, taking out the garbage, sweeping the floor with exhuberance! We had a celebration feast which he had prepared, and his wife, Fatima, ended up repenting and surrendering her life to Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! He kissed my hand in gratitude and exclaimed with tears in his eyes, "You brought me Jesus Christ! No more dead religion!" Reginaldo has evangelized the whole neighborhood, sharing his testimony. Reginaldo is very much alive, and tells everyone about his deliverance from the great sin of unforgiveness. He gives all of the praise and glory to Jesus Christ and is heavily involved with his evangelical church. I even heard that he again has bountiful and beautiful black hair again!

(The Portuguese word "Pavuna" in which he lives means darkness) and it is a neighborhood district of high crime and drug dealing. Now Reginaldo is bearing the Light of Jesus Christ unashamedly to Rio de Janeiro. Thank YOU, dear Jesus!